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Wellness & Preparedness

Help keep your people healthy and safe.

Wellness & Preparedness

From the latest flu bug to unexpected power failure, there’s plenty you can't control. But we’re ready to give you a healthy head start — with hygienic and antimicrobial products of all kinds, plus extra protection for emergencies. Here are some:

  • Disinfecting desk, phone and office wipes, sprays and cleaners from 3M®, Lysol®, Purell® and Wet Ones®
  • Air filters and computer cleaners
  • Keyboards, wrist rests and mouse controls with Fellowes® Microban® protection
  • Antimicrobial folders and staplers
  • Fire-Safe® filing storage
  • Biohazard and hygienic fire-safe receptacles
  • Disposable gloves
  • Emergency power aids, flashlights, eye protection and face masks
  • First aid kits and water purification products

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