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We set a high standard.

We strive to maintain a culture of integrity where our associates understand and live by our high ethical standards. By setting an ethical tone at the top and maintaining effective corporate governance practices, we demonstrate that commitment. You can feel good about your partnership with Staples.

Ethical Conduct

A culture of integrity is critical to ensuring that our associates act in the best interest of Staples and our shareholders. Our Code of Ethics sets forth our core expectations for all associates including conflicts of interest, customer privacy, and accurate books and records. Through training, ongoing communication, and help line resources, we bring our Code of Ethics to life.

Staples Soul: EthicsEthical Sourcing

Staples strives to work with suppliers that source their products in a manner that protects workers’ human rights, workers’ health and safety, and the environment. Our commitment to ethical sourcing is described in our Supplier Code of Conduct.