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Diversity Supplier Program

We help suppliers and customers meet their goals.

At Staples we believe that our suppliers should reflect the face of our customers, so we seek to work with Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs):

  • Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDB)
  • Socially Disadvantaged Businesses (Minority, Women, Veteran, Physically disabled)
  • HUBZone Businesses

The Staples Diversity Supplier Program’s mission is to help HUBs create job opportunities to reflect the faces of the customers we serve. We are committed to integrating HUBs into our strategic sourcing process and mentoring them so that they may develop a strong foundation for future growth.

Our Diversity One initiative connects customers to independently owned, operated and certified HUBs.

Staples Diversity One program is a defined three-way business relationship between the diversity supplier, the customer, and Staples, with clear separation of business entities.

Program advantages:

Staples Soul: Diversity
  • Transparency of the relationship
  • Superior technology platform
  • Large company resources available to a diversity supplier

Our Diversity One suppliers include:

  • Alpha Office Supplies, Inc.
  • Midway Office Supply Centers, Inc.
  • Proftech Office Products
  • Summus Industries, Inc.
  • Tejas Office Products, Inc.

Staples Diversity Two offers a comprehensive assortment of quality office products manufactured by HUBs.

We offer access to hundreds of products from over 80 diversity suppliers, all easily identified by WBE, MBE, and PCO symbols. For diversity suppliers, Staples provides:

  • Access to more than 100,000 businesses
  • Professional mentoring
  • Business support services
  • Assistance in reaching their business goals