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Choosing the Right Paper

It really makes a difference.

Choosing the Right Paper

The right paper can make or break your presentations and reports, and affect your bottom line. But there are literally thousands of choices out there. Confused? No worries. We’ve made them easy to understand.

Copy Paper

Designed to produce a clear image at an affordable price, with just the right stiffness and curl to handle the speed and heat of today’s copy equipment.

Multipurpose Paper

Great for everyday needs and to simplify paper inventory; usually brighter, heavier and more opaque than copier paper.

Laser Paper

Take advantage of detailed laser printer images with ultra-smooth paper that’s brighter than regular copier paper.

Color Copy Paper

Heavier, brighter and smoother, with extra opacity to show off colors from subtle to intense.

Inkjet Paper

Uncoated stock is formulated for quick drying and minimal absorption; gloss-coated stock is perfect for photographic imaging; matte-coated papers give vivid color and blacker blacks.

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