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FSSI made easy

Great news!

Staples Advantage is proud to announce we have been awarded the FSSI 2 contract for office supplies.

With a continued pledge to delivering the easiest and most efficient office solutions programs for our federal government customers, our dedicated sales, operations and compliance teams can develop a program based entirely on your purchasing patterns and business needs that complies with your regulations. Learn more.

Staples never stops looking for ways to make office solutions easy, with the following program improvements:

  • Upgraded Online Ordering System — with easier navigation, more product information and images and quick processing
  • Expanded product assortment all with FSSI pricing automatically applied to your account
  • Award-winning customer service dedicated to our Federal Government customers

With our continued commitment to the following programs:

  • Ability One Program AbilityOne — Essentially The Same (ETS) items will be automatically substituted for the AbilityOne equivalent item.
  • GSA Eco-Conscious — Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG) compliant with a wide assortment of environmentally preferred products.
  • GSA Trade Agreement Act — Items not produced by countries permitted by the TAA will be referred to as "Open Market Buy" items.